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Flipsters - Fold Up Shoes and Stylish Flip Flops for Total Comfort

Meet Flipsters, the world’s most stylish and convenient foldable shoes. No longer must women suffer for the luxury of donning attractive footwear. Flipsters fold-up shoes come in two appealing styles and numerous vibrant colors. Our fold-up ballet flats provide unprecedented comfort, while our foldable, go-anywhere sandals are suitable for the office as well as the beach. Every pair of our fold-up shoes reduces to about the size of an iPhone and comes with a stylish carrying case that easily fits into your purse.

Why Flipsters?

Flipsters are guaranteed to be the most comfortable foldable shoes you’ve ever tried on. A cushioned footbed supports your feet, and the soft satin straps will never rub awkwardly between your toes or against your heels. Our unique three-fold design meshes with the natural motion of walking, meaning that it’s much more comfortable to walk in Flipsters than other foldable shoes.

Unparalleled Durability

The ease of Flipsters foldable shoes extends beyond their incredible wearability. Caring for your Flipsters is a breeze too. Each pair of our fold-up shoes is completely waterproof and machine washable. Flipsters fold-up shoes are incredibly durable and abrasion resistant, so you can be sure your pair will last for years to come.

Hit the Beach in Style

Our chic but low-key Flipsters fold-up sandals make ideal beach thongs. The soft satin straps are easier on your feet than the plastic found in other beach thongs. Plus, the washable material makes it easy to clean sand off after a long day at the beach. Flipsters fold up sandals slide on and off easily, quite unlike the cheap disposable flip flops you might wear after getting a pedicure. These adorable sandals are available in elegant neutrals as well as vivid colors.

Flip Flops for Every Occasion

If you need more formal, close-toed shoes, check out Flipsters foldable ballet flats. Our fold-up flats look dressier and more professional than our sandals, but they don’t sacrifice any of the Flipster brand’s signature comfort. Whether you’re shopping at the supermarket, going out on the town, working hard at the office, or dancing the night away at a wedding, your Flipster fold-up flats will fit right in. Flipsters fold-up flats are available in a variety of neutral colors with elegant cap-toe detailing that will match every outfit in your closet.

Shop Today

You can shop the full range of Flipsters fold up shoes right here on our website. If you purchase two or more pairs, we’ll ship them to you for free. Flipsters are great for the beach, the mall, the office, or just around the house. No matter what your lifestyle, there’s a place for these comfortable, take-anywhere fold-up shoes in your eclectic wardrobe. Browse our full selection and find your favourite new footwear today!

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