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Handy Accessories

We offer a variety of fun and handy accessories for those Flipsters fans who want to complete their set. Looking for something to carry your heels with ease? We’ve got you covered. Check out our high heels accessories for easier carrying. Do you love the Flipsters design so much you want it with you all the time? We have a cute little Flipsters keychain you can carry on your key ring.

High Heel Carry Strap

So you have your Flipsters foldable shoes; now what do you do with your high heels when you take them off? Do you carry them around? Heels can be awkward to grasp. You could take them back to your car, but how far away are you parked?

With our high heels carry strap design, we have your needs in mind. This simple yet elegant strap slips through the heels of your shoes so that you can carry your heels with ease on one finger. Just slip the heels through the loop and secure them together on the strap. Throw the strap around your purse string and carry your heels with you. Our high heel carry straps are available in black as well as clear.

You can even use the high heels carry strap to store your heels on your clothing rack. Just throw your heels with the strap over the rack and you’re good to go.

Flipsters Folding Key Rings

Can’t get enough of your Flipsters? Carry around a mini Flipsters key ring to have with you all the time. These cute little key rings are perfect for your set of keys.

These key rings are made from dual color PVC and are sure to catch the attention of your friends. They fold just like the full-size Flipsters themselves, so you can demonstrate how the Flipsters work to the uninitiated.

These folding key rings come in several different colors: black, clear, orange, purple and pink. Each of these colors features a stylish two-tone color scheme that will add some color and flare to your key ring.

Looking to deck out your key ring with your favorite Flipsters design to show your friends and spark some conversation? Check out all of our fun accessories today!