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As innovators we have a natural tendency to look at the way the world is and ask “can we change this for the better?”.


We believe that donating to worthwhile charities is the responsibility of every person and company, and we are doing our part to help.


For every pair of Pink Flipsters sold online we automatically donate $5.00 to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. You can find out more about the valuable work of the NBCF or make a donation here.


And for every pair of Platinum flip flops or Silver Flats sold online flats we automatically donate $5.00 to the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation. You can find out more about the valuable work of the OCRF or make a donation here.


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About the NBCF:

Breast Cancer is the major cause of cancer death in Australian women accounting for 11,700 new cases of breast cancer and 2,600 deaths each year. Early detection is the best method for reducing deaths from breast cancer.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation was established in 1994 to promote and support breast cancer research in all its forms. To date, the foundation has allocated over $74 million dollars to over 300 breast cancer research projects throughout Australia.


The National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) is a not-for-profit foundation established to promote and support breast cancer research in all its forms. Since the formation of the foundation, death rates have been falling. This is as a result of improvements in treatment and early detection all of which have evolved from high standards of research both in Australia and internationally.


Despite these advances there are many aspects of breast cancer which are still not understood, particularly the causes of breast cancer. The NBCF is here for all the community. In the first instance, it offers each and every one of us an opportunity to contribute dollars for research to help find the answers to breast cancer. For researchers, it offers a significant, substantial source of designated funding. Researchers can compete for the available funding provided their projects are of the highest order and assessed to be meritorious under the peer review system which operates for medical and health research in this country.


All research funded by the National Breast Cancer Foundation is peer-reviewed.The ultimate aim of the National Breast Cancer Foundation is to provide better health outcomes for women. The research the foundation funds covers every aspect, including bio-medical, clinical, psycho-social, epidemiological, behavioural and health services delivery research.


About the OCRF:

The Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation (OCRF) was established in May 2000 and led by eminent gynaecological oncology specialist, Chairman/Co-Founder Associate Professor Thomas Jobling and CEO/Co-Founder Liz Heliotis. The OCRF has developed to become one of Australia’s pre-eminent bodies supporting ovarian cancer research programs that occur nationally, and are focused upon the understanding of the causes of ovarian cancer, its early detection and improving patient survival.


Currently, across Australia “one woman dies every ten hours from ovarian cancer”. The key to changing this statistic and giving women with ovarian cancer a better long term outlook is early detection. However, no simple or effective early screening method currently exists. Ultimately the Foundation’s goal is to ensure than an early detection test becomes available in every woman’s regular medical.


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