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Tassel Slipper

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One-of-a-kind tassel slippers by Flipsters will have you wondering which element was the main focus in production—style or comfort. As much as we’d love to keep you guessing, we’ll end the suspense right here and give you the answer: both—because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice either factor when it comes to what you put on your feet, whether you’re slipping something on to run errands or sporting after party shoes to keep the night going.

These classically designed slippers look like your old favourites, but with a few features that push them a notch above your run of the mill slip-ons. In true Flipsters fashion, these kicks are souped up with upgrades to boot, including pierce-proof technology, abrasion resistant materials, ultra comfortable cushioning and Flipsters signature folding sole, making these the perfect after party shoes.

Stop the Discomfort, Start the After Party

We’ve all been there— you’re getting ready to leave an event for the evening and every bit of you is ready to keep the night going…except your feet. But can you blame them? They’ve endured pinching, rubbing, uneven weight distribution and maybe even a little jumping, all for the sake of style and a good time. They’ve done their duty for the night, so give them the break they deserve with Flipsters’ perfect after party shoes. Not only are our tassel slippers great looking, they’re made with our unique folding sole so you can keep them in a compact carrying pouch in your bag.

When you’re ready to keep going and need to give your little soldiers the break they deserve, just bust out your Flipsters and party on—check out our selection and order your favourite style of tassel slippers today!