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Q:What is your sizing?

Flipsters come in 4 sizes:



Download our flip flop size chart HERE.


Download our ballet flat size chart HERE.


Our sizing runs a little small so if you are in doubt, we recommend you bump up a size.


Also remember you can return or replace your Flipsters for up to 365 days after purchase!


Q: What are your shipping terms?


One pair: $10.60 Standard / $14.00 Express
Order over $120: FREE shipping Australia-wide with tracking
Delivery time: 4 – 5 days Standard, or 1 – 2 days Express in most Metro area

May delay during the peak season


Rest of the world

One pair: $18.00-$30.00
Each additional pair: Quoted at time of order (before Checkout)
Delivery time: 10 – 18 days

May delay during the peak season


We ship globally – simply select your country upon checkout.


If your items are out of stock, we will inform you and will aim to dispatch your order as soon as the product becomes available again.


Are you a bride-to-be? Running a special event? If you have a special request contact us and we’ll be sure to help you out.


Q: How do I organise a return or replacement?


If you aren’t happy with your Flipsters for any reason or would like to change sizes simply fill out the RETURN FORM


 We love your feet and we want you to be happy with your Flipsters – check out our comfort



If you have any questions please call 02 93865830 or contact us at any time and we’ll be sure to help you out.


For international customer, we only do exchange or return if the items you received are not what you ordered.


Most Importantly: Be sure to contact us before you return our items.

Please note that all returns must be directed through our Customer Service team. Please do not return or post items before obtaining instructions from us first.  


Q: How do I cancel or change an order?


Due to our auto dispatch system, please choose your order carefully as we are unable to cancel or change your order 


Q: What are Flipsters made from?


Our flip flops have a durable rubber outsole, soft EVA cushioned footbed, and satin straps. Our outsole is a specially formulated elastic rubber blend which is highly abrasion resistant, but can still fold many times without breaking.


Our ballet flats also use our custom engineered outsole material and soft cushioned footbed. Their cotton lining is moisture-wicking to keep your feet warm and dry, and the upper is a soft synthetic PU.


Q: Where can I buy Flipsters?


Online at www.flipsters.com.au is the best and quickest way!


Q: How long do Flipsters last?


One of the biggest perks to wearing Flipsters fold up sandals and ballet flats is their durability.


Flipsters are definitely not disposable shoes, and you won’t need to replace them for many years no matter how regularly you wear them. Both the sandal and ballet flat style Flipsters fold up shoes are made from highly durable material, inside and out. The rubber outsole is tough and abrasion resistant to protect your shoes as you walk, keeping them in great condition for as long as possible. In fact, all the material used to make a pair of Flipsters, including the cushioned footbed and the soft satin straps, is both waterproof and machine washable. Because Flipsters fold-up sandals and ballet flats are abrasion resistant and so easy to clean, you’ll be able to keep them looking their best as long as they last. Explore our full collection of sandals and ballet flats to find both bright and neutral colours that will match with your aesthetic for years to come.


Q: Are they comfortable?


The mission of Flipsters is to provide as much convenient foot comfort as possible. It wouldn’t be much fun if you slipped your aching feet out of high heels at the end of the night and put on equally uncomfortable flats or sandals, would it?


When you put on Flipsters, your feet will breathe a sigh of relief. The inside sole of every pair of Flipsters fold-up shoes is well-cushioned to give your tired feet all the support they need. Once you realise just how comfortable Flipsters are at the end of the night, you just might start wearing them at the beginning of the night too. The convenient comfort of Flipsters fold-up shoes also fits in at the nail salon, the beach, the store, and even the office. Unlike many of the other foldable footwear solutions out there, the classic look of Flipsters blends seamlessly into a sea of regular shoes.


Even though Flipsters fold-up shoes are comfortable and convenient, they provide a cute and polished look in a wide variety of both bright and neutral colours. Shop Flipsters today to discover that you don’t need to suffer for the sake of attractive footwear.


Q: What are the flip flops made from?


Flipsters foldable flip flop sandals are made from durable material that is both waterproof and machine washable. The flip flop outsole is made from rubber that is pierce-proof and abrasion resistant, providing long-lasting durability and a solid grip while walking. The sole features the unique three part triangle design that is the signature of Flipsters fold up shoes. This design allows the shoe to collapse down to iPhone size for easy storage in the included carrying case, but also positions the folds in places that mimic the natural motion of walking feet. As a result, the shoes won’t try to fold up while you are wearing them causing discomfort. The footbed in a pair of Flipsters sandals is cushioned for maximum comfort. The toe straps are made from soft satin that—unlike the plastic straps found on many flip flops—will not rub between your toes, while the elasticized heel strap ensures a proper fit. Explore our many colours of flip flops to find your new favourite pair of sandals today.


Q: What are the ballet flats made from?


Flipsters ballet flats have a tough rubber outsole that is highly abrasion resistant and prevents major wear and tear.


Like the Flipsters sandal sole, the sole on a Flipsters ballet flat is divided into three parts to allow the shoes to easily fold down to the size of an iPhone for convenient transportation in the included carrying case. The triangle location of the folds is designed to mimic natural walking, providing far more support than your average fold-up shoe and preventing the shoes from accidentally trying to fold up while on your feet.


Additionally, these fold-up Flipsters ballet flats feature a synthetic leather upper with cap-toe detailing and an elastic lip that ensures a great fit every time. The inside is cotton lined so it absorbs moisture, keeping your feet warm and dry. This high-quality construction ensures that your Flipsters look just as stylish as any other shoe. The sophisticated neutral colours blend right in at the office or any social event. Shop our range of ballet flats to discover your new favorite everyday shoes today.


Q: Do the straps rub between the toes?


Flip flops are supposed to be comfortable shoes, but one of the downsides to many pairs of flip flops is the way that the straps can rub between your toes, leaving behind painful blisters. Flipsters fold-up sandals solve this problem in an innovative and unique way.


Flipsters flip flops combat blisters with soft satin straps that will never rub between your toes. These satin straps also make it easy to slide your Flipsters sandals on and off, creating a perfect alternative to the disposable flip flops you might wear right after getting a pedicure. Just fold your new Flipsters up, slip them into the included zip up carrying case and drop the iPhone-sized pouch into your purse to make sure you have your Flipsters on hand whenever you need them.


Q: Are they waterproof?


All styles of Flipsters are machine washable, and the flip flops are made from completely waterproof material. This makes them ideal to wear if you’re headed to the beach or the swimming pool, since you don’t have to worry about damaging the shoes with water. The waterproof material also makes Flipsters very easy to clean in the washing machine or with a wet cloth, ensuring that your new pair of fold up sandals or ballet flats stays looking new for as long as possible. Caring for your new Flipsters properly ensures that they will last for many years to come.


Q: Are they machine washable?


Flipsters fold-up sandals and ballet flats are completely machine washable on a cool wash. If your shoes get dirty, you can simply throw them in the laundry.


The fact that Flipsters are so easy to clean goes a long way to ensuring their durability. When you can regularly clean your shoes, you don’t have to worry as much about getting them dirty. It’s easy to make your Flipsters look their best. Just because these shoes are machine washable, however, doesn’t mean they look cheap. Flipsters sandals and ballet flats are totally stylish and fit in seamlessly at a bar, party, or even the office. You can wear them anywhere at anytime.


Q: Is it one size fits all / what are the sizes?


Flipsters come in four sizes: extra small, small, medium and large.


An extra small pair of Flipsters fold-up ballet flats or sandals is equivalent to a US 5-6 or EU 36-37 women’s shoe size. Small is appropriate for women who wear normally wear US 7-8 or EU 38-39 shoes. Medium Flipsters are equivalent to US 9-10 and EU 40-41, while large Flipsters fit women who wear a US 11-12 or EU 42-43.


Because each size of Flipsters represents multiple standard shoe sizes, the sizes can run slightly small. If you’re in between two sizes, we recommend bumping up a size. Let us know if you have any sizing questions before placing your order.


Q: Did you design them yourself / where were they designed?


Flipsters were designed in Sydney, Australia in 2009 by law student Ben Lipschitz and industrial designer Rick Munitz under the company L&M Designs.


Initially thinking about creating a shoe to wear post-pedicure and at the end of a long night out in heels, Lipschitz and Munitz wanted to create a comfortable footwear solution that women could carry in their purses. Though other fold-up shoes existed, Flipsters found instant success because of the unique three-part triangle folding pattern that made them far easier to walk in than the competition. The shapes and angles of this pattern were tested to mesh with the motion of a person’s natural walk. This means that they don’t try to fold up while you walk, which creates discomfort and inconvenience. They stay sturdy and supportive at all times, and only collapse down to their portable iPhone size if you deliberately fold them.


The original Flipsters sandals became so popular that the company was able to add fold-up ballet flats to the product line up as well as loafers, canvas shoes, lace ups and tassel slippers. All of these shoes quickly became a huge success in Australia, allowing the company to expand all over the world and liberate more women from the constraints of uncomfortable footwear.


Q: Is the zip pouch included with every pair?


Every pair of Flipsters comes with its own zip-up carrying case, making it incredibly easy to slip your Flipsters into your bag and head out the door.


Inside the case, Flipsters fold up shoes reduce down to about the size of an iPhone, so there is always room for them in your purse. You can carry them around with you all the time, because you never know when sore feet might strike. Their compact size makes Flipsters fold up sandals and ballet flats an ideal travel footwear solution as well.


Bulky shoes are often the hardest thing to cram into a full suitcase, but a pair of Flipsters in a zip pouch barely takes up more space than a toothbrush. This incredible portability means that you can wear your Flipsters virtually anywhere at virtually any time.


Q: What is the stiletto carry strap and how does it work?


The stiletto carry strap is an essential Flipsters accessory to bring with you on a night out. With the carry strap, you can hook your heels securely into the PVC strap and easily carry them home once you’ve changed into your Flipsters sandals or ballet flats. It’s easy to carry the stiletto carry strap in your hand, or you can hook it to your purse.


At home, the stiletto carry strap makes an ideal footwear storage solution. Just hook your heels in and hang it up in the closet.


Q: Which countries are you in?


While Flipsters started in Australia, we’ve rapidly expanded to bring our fold-up footwear solutions to women all over the world.


We have dedicated distributors in more than 16 countries, including the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia, Germany, Austria, Greece, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Switzerland, South Africa, the Netherlands, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, and Thailand. If you don’t live in one of these countries, our online store ships all over the world. We even offer free shipping in Australia on purchases of two or more pairs of Flipsters. What more incentive do you need to go for these already affordable sandals and ballet flats?