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Comfort Accessories

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Ask any woman the worst thing about high heels, and you’re likely to get a variation of the same answer: the aftermath. From blisters on your heels to the pressure on the balls of your feet, it’s no secret that high heels often require a high pain tolerance. Here, at Flipsters, we don’t think you should have to sacrifice comfort for fashion. We’ve created a line of super comfortable foot pads and other accessories, so you can enjoy a night out without paying the price…at least when it comes to your comfort.

Check out what we have to offer and get on your way to happier feet with just a few clicks.

High heels, low stress

When your heels are just a little too big, prevent rubbing and those awkward heel slips with our Gel Heel Savers. These high heel foot pads fit perfectly inside the inner-heel of your shoe to keep it tight to your heel all night.

Who will save your sole?

We will. Our Gel Sole Savers are the ultimate high heel foot pads. They feature a soft cushioning gel that fits perfectly into the sole of your shoes, reducing the painful pressure on the ball of your foot. Our Gel Sole Savers make your favorite pair of high heels infinitely more tolerable.

Get a grip

Nothing ruins a polished look like an untimely slip at a party caused by a rebellious slippery shoe. Get a grip and keep your cool with our Grip Savers – your feet and your pride will thank you later.

Don’t delay your relief one more second- view our individual options for happier feet above or get comfort for less with our money-saving triple comfort pack today!