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Flip Flops

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Having a spare pair of comfortable thongs can come in really handy when your feet need a break. Think of a recent night on the town with your favorite heels. You probably got to the point where your feet were so tired you just had to take off your heels. Chances are, you can also think of a time when an unfortunate misstep caused you to break a heel, forcing you to carry around your mangled footwear without a pair of shoes to replace it. Or maybe you just want a convenient pair of comfortable thongs to take with you whenever you need them, whether for a quick stroll or a walk on the beach. Flipsters are your stylish and comfortable solution to all of these dilemmas.  

Fold Them Up

Flipsters foldable thongs are the perfect back-up pair of sandals for any situation. Flipsters folding shoes fold right up into a stylish, compact zip pouch that you can throw into your purse or handbag and take with you wherever you go. Flipsters are easy to travel with; they fold to the size of an iPhone for carry and fold right back out if you need a pair of comfortable thongs for walking around.

Tough Sandals. Durable Footwear

Flipsters are flexible enough to fold up, but durable and comfortable enough to use all the time. Flipsters foldup shoes feature flexible outsoles that are resistant to piercing and abrasion, with soft satin straps that are good to your feet. These sandals also have a soft cushioned footbed that is easy to walk on. These folding shoes are fully waterproof and you can machine wash them for your convenience.

They’ve Got Style

You don’t have to worry about sacrificing style when you wear these foldable thongs. They look great for any occasion. These sandals come in 9 eye-pleasing colors such as red, blue, purple and black. You’re sure to find a suitable color for your favorite outfit. With these foldup shoes’ elegant design, they fold up neatly to fit right into a custom zip pouch of matching color, which becomes a stylish accessory of its own to add to your repertoire.

Stylish, convenient and comfortable, what more could you ask from a pair of sandals? You’re going to love our Flipsters sandals so much, you’ll be taking them everywhere you go. Whether you are looking for a pair of comfortable back-up thongs or just a pair of sandals to take to the beach, your Flipsters will be with you every step of the way. Take a look at our colorful selection and get your pair today!