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6 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

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Image: Lenny K Photography

Brrrrrrrrrrr. It’s freezing down here in Sydney. As we move into one of the coldest months of the year, I can feel everything beginning to change. The streets are no longer packed with people. The hustle and bustle of the markets have been somewhat dampened. I can no longer leave the house without wearing multiple layers.

I’m sure the rest of you guys in the Southern Hemisphere are feeling the icy fingers of winter grip you too. For Flipster fans in the North, I’m incredibly envious and I hope you guys make the most of your summer days!

I spent some time this week relaxing in one of the numerous parks in the heart of Sydney. Sydney’s an incredible place for people watching. You get to see such a diverse array of people and outfits. As I was leafing through a Mills & Boon book, I spotted a few styles that really caught my eye. So without further preamble, I present my 6 favourite pieces of winter clothing to help keep you stylish all year around!

1) Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere Sweaters are perfect for winter as they give off a casual and smart vibe while keeping you warm at the same time! These sweaters don’t wrinkle and feel incredible on bare skin. They can also be worn with pretty much everything!


2) Over the knee boots

One of my favourite types of boots. They’re bold. They’re elegant. They make a statement. A must have in every woman’s shoe collection. Absolutely perfect for wintery conditions. For both a casual day time look and perfect for the nightclubs as well!


Image: Bob Suir



Image: Maegan Tintari

3) Scarves

I can’t imagine getting through winter without a stylish toasty scarf around my neck. There’s so many types of scarves to choose from, each with their own unique colours and patterns. I usually prefer darker scarves during winter. I find d wool, pashmina or cashmere scarves to best suit cold weather.



4) Skinny Jeans

I always find myself buying a new pair of skinny jeans every winter as I wear them out so often! They’re perfect to wear with ballet flats and an overcoat to achieve a chic yet elegant look during the day. I especially love them as they can match any outfit!


Image: Maegan Tintari

5) Leather Jacket

A leather jacket is a must have for every wardrobe. Gives a slightly edgy and rebellious look. Perfect item to go along with those skinny jeans!

Girl In Leather Jacket, Beautiful, Hair, Model, Person

6) Fedora

As well as looking trendy, they keep your head warm during winter. And they're making a comeback in Sydney! They really add a timeless classic look. Perfect for days when you don’t want to dress up but want to maintain your stylish, chic appearance.

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What are your favourite pieces of winter clothing? Have you seen anything that really caught your eye?

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